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What should I do with my unfinished half bottle of wine?

Wines get oxidized easily with oxygen. When you have any glassware that is around 375ml, you could pour the remaining wine into the glass bottle, seal it and chuck it into the fridge. The wine can keep for another 2-3 days.

What is a "Corked" wine?

Remember the 4 steps of wine tasting? A cork wine will smell like wet carpet, wet cardboard or mouldy. In the wine world, these cork-taint is caused by a fungal metabolite of 2-4-6 Trichloroanisole. The effect of these cork-taint will mute the fruity aromas and gives a mouldy and wet carpet liked smell to the wine.

Is Serving temperature important for all wines?

Temperature is particularly important to the balance of the wine. The sweetness of the wine will be enhanced by warmer temperature as our tongue perceive sweetness better at warmer temperature; the heat sensation of alcohol will be further enhanced by warming up the wine such as the big Zinfandel or Gewurztraminer. On the other hand , a big, full-bodied red wine will taste more “elegant” when it is served at the relevant temperature compared to a slightly warmer temperature say 28 or 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore it is highly recommended that to serve our wine at the best temperature.

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